Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In The Train......

                            After waving his hand back at the Harry, Albus started to look for his brother, James. He found James doing playing with another boy's golden hair. Albus recognised the boy beside the James as Kevin. He has been mentioned a few times during family discussions.
                           Albus also saw Rose in the same room and there were  few other members, most of whom he couldn't recognize. He went towards Rose and sat next to her. After sometime, Scorpius came and sat next to them in the same row. All of them were looking like typical first year students ... who were little excited afraid too. They are about to attend the classes held by Hogwarts school, which is always a topic for them with their families.

                    As the time passed by, Victoria joined them.

                   "Are you from the Malfoy Family?" Victoria (asked) Scoripius.

                    With pride on his face, he answered "Yes!"

                   "Don't be so proud of yourself Scorpius, you know (about) your granddad, don't you?" James retorted.

                   Scorpius hung his head  didn't respond may be because he really felt about his grandfather or do not wanted to fight on first day..

                   Victoria tried to change the topic.
                   "Hey guys...You should taste these chocolates given by George. It's his new invention. We are probably the first people to taste these. Whoever wants some, just come and get, friends!" she said excitedly. .

                   Almost everyone took a chocolate except James as he is aware of the Uncle George's new chocolates and tasted before. He began to believe in the chocolates as they have not affected anyone and took one from Victoria to have a bite. Finding it delicious, he grabbed three more bars of the chocolates and started eating. He made such funny faces while eating that everybody stared at him and started laughing their lungs out.

                   As the peaceful time is passing through them....little wizards-to-be became good friends and they all talked about their family, friends, and the subjects they are about to learn at the school. But mostly, they talked about the mysteries behind Hogwarts school.

                 As the Meals came, everyone started taking food. James ate until his mouth was overflowing. Of course, he is a fan of wizarding food. Suddenly, however he felt something odd happening to his stomach. He rushed to the bathroom.

                As he came out of the bathroom, he found out that everything has become dark and there were no lights to get a clear vision.....

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