Wednesday, March 23, 2011

chapter no. 4

"You sure about what you've said now Harry?" Aghastly Ron asked his friend.
"I saw JAMES Ron!" Harry answered him excitedly....but he felt somewhat relieved and in control of himself a bit now.

Silence ruled for a moment as if that 
moment has taken many years.... no one dared to speak out... Instinctively, they looked at each other.

Hermione made a little shriek..."Oh my god Ginny are you thinking what I am thinking?"...
"Ya....then what are we doing here
? Let's move" answered Ginny.

"We forgot about kids....Rose and's it even possible to forget them!" Ron joined them.
Still Harry wasn't there in his thoughts but hearing their
 conversation brought him back from his thoughts to anxiety ....

Hermoine said " How could we forget about the most important thing that is to look
 after our kids, it's not something right...indeed something wrong has happened now.. maybe some kind of magic is played on us now...I've heard of that Magic few years back but never believed it in those days, It is something like that we forget our kids and parents for some time...."

Same was uttered aloud by Hermione to Ron.... who replied her as "Hermione you have
 also used spell that your parents had forgotten you totally, haven't you?." ... 

Hermione who looked quite ready for an argument chided him saying that "But Ron! this this not a spell...that spell you are talking about is a normal spell"...
"Stop it you two...what are we doing? Sitting here and arguing when our kids might be on the verge of Danger

"Heard that Asian wizards are specialists in performing these kind of magic...have you seen any on the Railway Platform guys?" Asked by Hermione.

"Maybe it's the scary old man I've seen on the Platform... couldn't get a chance to see his face clearly 
...but I think he's maybe the one" .. said by Harry.

"Hmm... I would
 like to tell you people this is not the time to postmartum things . I've informed the Ministery already and they are already finding him. Let's stop worrying about these things now, let's go to king's Cross...hoping the best to find them there"...Ron said.

"Sometimes you act like a Good Matured Man..Ron" Hermione mocked him

despite the situation...they all had a courage to smile at each other.

They've quickly reached to the Platform No. 9 and 3/4 , there they saw many Aurors checking the train . One of the Auror's friend's Son has been kidnapped and it became a question to the status of ministry in the Public minds... So ministry was fully concentrated on James.
"Mommy!" the tweets were coming from the corner of the platform where their kids were standing with Draco and austoria. Ginny reached them to give a hug.

But all of a sudden, everybody got
 stunned when an Owl came to Harry Potter and dropped a letter for him... Abruptly Harry opened the letter and read it with his eyes growing wider.

With a frowned expression he read out the sentence that pricked him"Azkaban is broken after 23 years, Emergency meeting is held for Aurors - kingsly"And Harry looked around to see
 many owls were coming for his other Auror friends.